Important Things to Remember Today

  1. All Presidents lie. Some lie significantly more than others. Treat everything Presidents and politicians say with the same scepticism that you would of your toddler telling you that they pooped on the floor. You know that there is a 1/4 chance that the poop made it into the toilet bowl, a 1/4 chance the poop is half in the bowl and half on the floor, 1/4 chance they pooped somewhere else in the house entirely, and 1/4 chance they actually pooped on the floor. Go investigate and find out which one it is. *When trying to uncover the truth, it’s best not to ask your child’s fellow toddlers what happened, as their track record of knowing the truth is not great either.
  2. Fear is a powerful motivator and is often used to push a political agenda. Kind of like when you tell your kids it is time to go to school and they tell you they are suddenly not feeling well. You know this trick, so you force them into the car anyway until part way down the driveway they say, “I think I’m going to throw up.” You consider the interior wash you just did on your car and you fear spending hours recleaning last night’s dinner off of it, so you turn the car around and head home. Once inside, your child heads straight for the Cheerios and you know you have been played again.
  3. The United States House and Senate are not as handcuffed to the President as they would like us to believe. Checks and balances do still exist and a 2/3rds majority in the House and Senate can overturn any Presidential veto. It’s kind of like the time the popular kid in school was making fun of that boy for having farted in class. Knowing it was wrong, you all stood there and let him do it cause no one wanted to stand up to the popular guy. Then looking back, you tell your kids that it was wrong not to stand up to him and if everyone had spoken up, he wouldn’t have been so powerful and mean and that kid wouldn’t have spontaneously combusted from holding in his farts for the rest of his life. It’s kind of like that.