Ten Signs That Your New Twitter Follower is Actually a Russian Bot

It appears that those pesky Russians are up to no good again.  This time they are messing with the sanctity of our first amendment right to fear monger and intimidate those who disagree with us, from the safety of our home computers.   With this new weapon in their arsenal, the days of poisoning spies is over (ooopppss…spoke too soon), as the Russians have taken to poisoning Twitter with automated “bots” or “trolls.”   As their intent is to create further divides in modern political discourse, we thought it important that we all do out part to identify and remove these bots from social media so there is plenty of room for us real people to spread our own hate and discord across the internet.  Below are the signs you should look out for in your social media platforms to identify and delete these fake people from commenting on your personal diffusion of fake news.

Ten Signs That Your New Twitter Follower is Actually a Russian Bot:

  1. Appears to have voted for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  2. Thinks everyone is a Fascist.

  3. Can actually spell and explain Fascism.

  4. Profile picture is a “10” while you fall somewhere between a “4” and a “5.”

  5. English not so goodski.

  6. Benign tweets are rare and not quite right: “Went to Olive Garden for dinner, the borscht was terrible.”

  7. Only follows Breitbart News, Occupy Democrats, The Daily Mail, RT, and The Onion.

  8. Experimented with the hashtag “#Mullerisaarseholer,” but it never really took off.

  9. Knowledge of US culture is sketchy, like that time when they cheered for the New York Patriots.

  10. Only “likes” politically charged commentary and photos of Julian Assange.


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