Mom-tras (mantras for mothers)

Meditation is enjoying a resurgence from it’s original fame in 1500 BCE as the new buzz word of 2018 AD.  Like its contemporaries of probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and oils that smell, a few minutes of daily mindfullness offers an accessible and simple cure to the unhealthy stresses of our overly busy lives.  And, with the help of meditation apps for your iPads, and iPods, technology is making it easier and easier for people to take time away from technology to reflect on the beauty of life.

Fortunately, for us busy people, meditation takes as little as 5 minutes a day for the layers of stress and responsibility to peel off your shoulders before they start piling back on again as the day progresses.  Doable?  I’d say so!  So let’s find one of the 288 opportunities in a day to shut ourselves in a lightless room, close our eyes off from distractions, and try not fall asleep.

As we begin to tuck into our first meditation, make sure you collected your materials (ipod, “sounds of the rainforest” playlist, headphones, instructions, essential oils, mala beads, blindfold, and healing crystals.)  With these in hand, we will begin our meditation where we will free the mind from the pressures of the day and the chains of the material possessions such as those currently guiding your meditation.

With your eyes covered to aid in sensory deprivation, let the sounds of thunder, the smell of burning lavender and the contrast of the smooth beads and rough crystal in your hands lead your mind into the universe of your inner you.  Now, open your eyes (and your meditation handbook) and find the chapter on “mantras” and begin repeating them until the sounds of your alarm or the screams of your neglected duties determine that your meditation time has come to a close.

**Note: Since mantras are at least 3,000 years old, we have decided to give some of the most popular ones a little update for the modern mom.  Changes in italics.

  • “I, with the help of Netflix and the Disney Channel, am enough”
  •  “You are where you need to be now, but in 5 minutes, you need to be taking your kids to school.”
  • “I am confident and will be successful at everything I do, but I will give myself a pass on the kids’ papier-mâché Eiffel Tower that is due tomorrow.”
  • “May the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to happiness and freedom for all.  Short of that, may I just make it through the day with all my kids, all my sanity, and all my wine supply in tact.”
  • “I will surround myself with only those that make me a better person, with the notable exception of my children.
  • “I am full of life and energy, before noon, then I am just full of caffine.
  • “I am free to enjoy my life and do what I love, in about 19 years.





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