Wanted: Selling Posts from a Germaphobe with a Mild Anxiety Disorder

Wanted: Lightening McQueen Toys for Toddler
Looking for anything Lightening McQueen for a toddler.  Little cars would be nice or stuffed toys.  Nothing with small parts that are slightly larger than the circumference of an averaged sized two-year old’s esophagus.  Must come from a smoke-free home.  Must be stored inside.  Must not be stored in an attic or basement where there has previously been or could potentially be infestation of mice.  Must be washed in hot water with soap before pick-up (photographic proof mandatory).  Toys must be of a high enough durability to be soaked in pure bleach for 15 minutes.

Wanted: Child’s Bike

Looking for a used children’s bike.  Ideally one that has not been ridden outdoors or stored in a garage.

Wanted: Crib

ISO: A crib.  Not picky about size or color (we are a bit desperate to get the baby out of our bed!).  Good working condition is a must.  From a non-smoking house is a must.  Not from a home that has had a sickness bug, flu, common cold, strep throat, high fever in the last 6 months.  Crib must have been regularly cleaned with antibacterial spray.  Pervious occupier must have taken a bath before being placed in the crib every night.   Actually, better if the crib was never used.  Actually, in the original packaging (and stored inside the home) would be ideal.

Wanted: Children’s Piano Lessons 

My kids are taking an interest in the piano.  Looking for a loving and patient instructor who can come to the house and teach all three kids.  Must not be a sex offender or carry any criminal record.  Must not look rapist-y or have any facial scaring (unless with written proof that the injury was not the result of a knife fight).   The occasional tattoo is ok, but excessive inking is not ideal.  Must not have any contact with domestic or international terrorist organizations.  A registered independent is great, a democrat will do, a republican that voted for Hillary is fine as well.  Also, must have some experience in playing the piano.





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