The Day the Empty Toilet Paper Roll Seized the Kingdom

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.13.24 PM
This masterpiece from my 8 year old was found stuffed in the Lego box next to a deconstructed Luke Skywalker. 
High above the castle flew the great flag of the kingdom of Solo Cloud.  The famous flag bore the image of a single snowflake, a symbol said to be a reminder of the sacred form of precipitation that rid the land of sun and other terrible things like grass and vegetation.
The inhabitants of Solo Cloud, or SoClo for short, were blissfully indifferent.  They neither smiled nor frowned, a lack of emotion that was reserved for the highest of intellectuals.  A lucky few were even born without mouths.  And the even more fortunate, were born without eyes as well.  If you were among them, by law, you must use your gift of lack of sight and vocal abilities to stand as lookout guards at the top of the castle.  It made perfect sense!
The kingdom was ruled by a very square man called Earnest.  Earnest found essential things like arms and legs to be too burdensome, so did without.  He employed a single lens to block his vision in one eye only.  He was once told by a wise man that a good King must keep an eye on their kingdom, so Earnest thought his two eyes to be excessive.
Earnest found simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning and wiping his own bottom to be beneath his responsibilities and talents as ruler of his kingdom.  Instead, he employed others to take on these mundane tasks.  The only trouble was, that they found the job to be unsavory as well!  Instead of taking out the rubbish, for instance, they left it all on the castle ground.  After all, not very many of the castle inhabitants had eyes to see the mess, nor legs to trip on it!  We are brilliant, they thought.  We have tricked the king!
Unfortunately, the mess became so overwhelming that the staff decided to host a competition to see who could magic a simple item, like an empty toilet paper roll, for instance, to take itself out to the rubbish bin.
News of the contest spread from village to village but, though everyone knew all there was to know about magic from books, not a single SoClo-ian could actually preform it.  That was until a young man who wore nothing but a triangle shaped hat and a single similar shaped shoe arrived at the castle entrance.
Without delay, the young man grabbed the messiest empty toilet roll he could find (this particular one was stuffed with cotton balls!), said a few words, and almost instantly the roll had arms!  Two arms, in fact!  And one little tiny stubbed leg appeared as well.  Within a second, the toilet roll stumbled past the eyeless guards and straight into the castle!
The castle lookout guards tried to yell, “STOP HIM,” but, unfortunately, they had no mouth to form the words.  The young man with the triangle hat simply watched as his creation slowly and rather easily, took over the castle.  Toilet roll as the new king, it sounds preposterous!  But the man with the triangle hat wasn’t seeking kingdom domination, he simply wanted to know it he won the contest.  Perhaps he will find out on page 11.